The Cat House On The Kings

The Cat House on the Kings is a no-kill cat shelter and lifetime cat sanctuary in Parlier, California. You could say that the founder, Lynea Lattanzio is the ultimate crazy cat lady, allowing hundreds of cats and dogs to literally have the run of the place.

The place is her house, set on 12 acres, where, at any given time, there may be over 700 cats on the lawn, in the trees, or in her lap. Over 17 years ago, Lynea turned over her property and dedicated her life to the noble endeavor we like to refer to as cat rescue.

The Formula:

One house + 12 acres + 17 years + one crazy cat lady = 18,000 cats saved (and 5,000 dogs too)

Taking care of the over 700 cats that may be roaming the sanctuary on any given day is not just a full-time job, it's a life project. Lynea can't do it alone, though, so donations, employees, and volunteers keep the place purring.

If you'd like to help in this effort, you can make donations, or sponsor an animal. Some of the cats or dogs at this unique rescue are, for whatever reason not adoptable, and will live their lives out there. You can sponsor one of these animals in their SPONSOR-A-CAT program.

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