Is the Balinese the Breed for You?

The Balinese is a graceful, but friendly and fun loving cat breed. They are active cats, and a bit talkative, just like their more famous Siamese cousins.

When people first see a Balinese cat, they often think that this elegant looking cat must be unsociable and haughty.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This breed may look refined, but it is actually incredibly friendly and fun loving.

These cats have graceful bodies that can move in unusual ways and helps them get into all kinds of places. This flexibility and ability to escape from seemingly impossible places causes many people to compare them to the great magician Houdini.

Since this breed actually began as a longhair Siamese, it is no surprise that this breed is incredibly vocal. If you have an apartment with thin walls, your cat might end up talking to your neighbors when you're not around. As usual, you'll want to take this into account before making a final decision on one of these cats.

You might recognize the graceful look of this cat, but in different colors in the Javanese cat breed. While the term Javanese is used in different parts of the world for different cats, the list of cat breeds maintained by the CFA shows that the breed standard for Javanese and Balinese are the same, except for the allowed colors.

Note: As of 2008, the Javanese and Balinese were merged in CFA.

Like the Siamese cat, the Balinese enjoys the company of both people, and other cats. Because of this breed's need for attention, it is not a good choice for people who work long hours.

If you do have a time consuming job, you should consider adding a second kitty to the household. If not, you will have a depressed and mopey or neurotic and hyperactive cat on your hands.

These cats are very intelligent and need quite a few toys and activities to keep them occupied. Luckily (or not!), your cat will turn anything into a toy, from a paper grocery bag to a scrap of paper.

You'll find this breed in typical Siamese colors, including seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point. In addition, if you are not concerned about having a CFA registered cat, the breed can have red, cream, tortie, and tabby point colors.

Even though the breed is considered a longhair, its coat is not extremely long and full. However, its tail has hair that is quite long and gives a slightly bushy appearance.

This breed is one of the smaller cat breeds, weighing in at only six to eleven pounds. They have ears that are big enough to appear slightly oversized on its graceful wedge shaped head.

Since this is an extremely active cat breed, most of these cats do not have a major problem with being overweight. If your cat does become a little chunky, however, you may want to reduce her food intake and be sure she gets a bit more exercise.

Overall, this is a fairly healthy breed, perhaps because it is still occasionally out crossed with Siamese or Angora cats, which widens the gene pool and alleviates genetic health problems that are caused by frequent inbreeding.

Since these are long haired cats, you will need to spend some time grooming your cat. However, since this breed's coat is not very thick or long, you should be able to thoroughly comb out your cat's coat once a week and keep it mat free.

You may also want to consider accustoming your cat to having her teeth brushed, since plaque build up and tooth decay can lead to serious health problems.

If you love the personality and graceful appearance of the Siamese but you prefer longhair breeds, then the Balinese may be the perfect choice for you.

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