Will kittens remember their siblings?

by Lindsay

Will kittens remember their siblings if they’re together 3 out of the 7 days a week? My boyfriend and I recently adopted two kittens, brother and sister. We were planning on raising them together in our apartment when we moved in this summer.

However, our leases are both not up until August. Since we are both in college in different places as of right now, we have to keep them separately at our apartments.

We are planning on one of us bringing our kitten to the other's apartment on Friday and leaving them till Sunday night to play with each other.

Will this be enough time to form a bond with each other so they will be friends when we move in together in August? I am cat sitting his little one this weekend because he was on a family trip and they get along great now. Thank you!

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Should be OK
by: Kurt (Admin)

Congratulations on your new kittens! Or rather, ConCATulations!

Cats have been known to recognize each other and other humans after a long period of absence. I've personally experienced this myself.

On the other hand, some cats will not recognize another cat after coming back from, say, a veterinary visit. The explanation for this could be largely scent related. In those cases, separation and reintroduction can usually fix that.

Kittens tend to be much more adaptable, though, and I don't think it should be a problem. If it is, it's usually easy enough to separate them in different parts of the house and then go through the slow introduction process we've talked about here many times.

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