Weird male cat behavior

by Jennifer

I never grew up with pets other than fish or birds, so I am totally lost at why my 4 year old male grey tabby Joey has twice now either sprayed me or peed on me. The first time was while I was sitting down, he backed up to my legs and sprayed my pants leg.

That was a few months ago, but yesterday he was on my bed with me while I was watching TV and backed up to my upper arm and it was like he was pissing on me! It was a lot, and thank heavens it wasn't 4 inches higher or it would've been in my face! I have no idea why he did that!

He's the only male in the house, so the alpha thing can't be. I'm freaked out and confused! HELP!!!

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Aug 10, 2011
Glad I found this!
by: Julia

Is your cat neutered? Mine is and he sprayed me tonight is why I got on the computer to look it up.

The way mine did it was different though... he was on my lap and I was petting him. He started purring and then started kneading his paws on my lap. He seemed like he was in a trance.

Then I noticed his tail kinda twitching and he was moving around in a circle. Then I noticed tiny droplets of liquid on the spots his tail was aimed at.

He seemed really happy when this happened, so I don't think he felt threatened in any way. I read elsewhere online some (mostly male) cats still do this even after being neutered either as territorial, sexual, or social.

I'm not mad or upset about it,as it was only tiny droplets. If it was a lot I may have to ask a vet about it.

Jan 12, 2011
Has he been neutered?
by: Kurt (Admin)

Wow, that sounds really unpleasant! I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, Jennifer.

Spraying is usually a lot less volume of urine than actual urination, but from the other aspects of what you describe, it sounds like spraying.

Just to clarify, spraying is usually characterized by backing up against a vertical surface with a raised tail. Sometimes the tail is quivering as well.

Has he been neutered? If not, that's certainly step one as that tends to reduce any spraying, but ideally that's done at a much younger age.

Spraying is a way of marking territory and is your cat's way of asserting himself. Some cats, when threatened, will cheek rub excessively in order to feel more secure. Others will spray or do both.

Some cats spray for reasons we can't explain, but if it has been several months between sprayings, perhaps he's threatened by something. Feliway may help.

Cats are very territorial and can be threatened by smells brought in on clothing, hair, skin, or belongings. Some cats have been known to spray in such cases. Have you come in contact with any animals or people who have animals?

Cats can also be threatened by neighboring cats, especially if those cats are hanging around just outside the house, possibly doing some spraying themselves. These cats may not be so obvious, so that can be a hard one to prove.

Has anything in his life been disrupted recently, around the time of the first incident? Have you moved in the last year? Gotten a new pet? Have there been any changes in household members or guests?

Did you change his diet or move his food or water bowl? Did you change the type or brand of litter? Move or change litter boxes? These are some of the things that might throw him off his game.

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