Trouble introducing a new cat

by Anonymous

First, thank you in advance. I am getting a new cat. I've read a lot of guides on how to introduce cats into an existing cat's household. Most of them gave exactly the same instruction, so I planned to follow it as much as I can.

The first mistake I made was, my cat saw the new cat the first time I brought him in, and they started acting hostile already. I separated them nonetheless.

Although it's only been two days, I've been constantly changing napkins, the ones I used to rub on the new cat's body, then started rubbing it on the current cat, and vice versa.

For 2 days, they seemed calm. They sniffed the napkin while it was on my hand, and while it was on the ground and reacted positively. I gave treats for both situations.

I did other things, like feeding them next to each other (with doors separating them), exchanged toys, let the new cat explore while the resident cat wandered inside the new cat's sanctuary, love the resident cat like I always do.

Now here comes the problem. I thought they were ready, so I introduce them to each other while eating their favorite food. One in the cage, one outside.

While eating, everything seemed fine. They were silent. But once they finished eating, suddenly a cat fight started while I was sitting really close to them.

My first reaction was to push the cat in the cage far away, but the resident cat jumped and attacked me
furiously which made me (by reflex) react by waving my arm, and I threw the resident cat outside the room.

He continued attacking my legs while I tried to hide the new cat, which made me furious for a moment. My arm was bleeding, blood spattered all over my pants, and my socks turned red with blood (I'm trying to justify why I'm angry, sorry). So I shouted at him, which now I know is wrong.

Now every time I've tried to reintroduce the cats again, from step one, there will be hissing, hostile meowing, and constant biting and scratching. Some made me bleed again. I tried my best to ignore it but it was extremely stressful.

I'm left with swollen arms and legs, and two cats that hate each other.

I did further research at night, and I just realized it's not rubbing their body, it's their cheek. No wonder they don't react much in the first few days. And I should've introduced them through a small space from an open door.

Please, if you have additional information for me, please share. I don't think Google and Facebook is enough.

Editor's note: I'm sorry to hear you and your cats are having problems. Two days is obviously not nearly enough for these two cats. Some cats never get along, others take days or weeks.

I recommend starting over. Do a "reset" like they've never met before and keep them separated. I also recommend reading what I wrote on cat-to-cat introductions and taking things very slowly.

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