Tips on bringing a new young adult cat into a household with two older cats?

by Abby

I've adopted a cat because I am finally moving off-campus next year and will have space. But until then, I have a summer break and plan to bring the new cat home with me. I already have two cats, Bailey (age 9) and Betsie (age 10.5), both calico, female.

My new cat is a Bengal, male, age 4. He is up to date with shots and I believe he's been neutered. To make a long story short, I'd like to know some tips on bringing a new young MALE cat into a house with two FEMALE cats that'll most likely hiss and hate him.

It'll only be temporary (3-4 months) as I am returning to college after mid-August. Thank you for your answers!

Editor's note: Some people believe it's easier to mix male and female cats rather than male-to-male or female-to-female. If the cats are not neutered and spayed, the males and females need to stay separated until they are.

I don't believe gender matters nearly as much as how you introduce the cats to each other. If you just throw them together without controlling the introduction, it can cause problems.

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