Should I bring a new kitten into the home?

by Anonymous

I have a one-year-old, fixed, male cat who has had all of his shots. The only problem is that he is kind of aggressive. He likes to bite people if they have been petting him for too long and he will also chase their feet and bite them too.

We are thinking of bringing another kitten into the home but we are scared they might learn from my cat that it is okay to bite people.

Also, my cat has been introduced to other cats in the past. He seemed to enjoy their company but the older cats didn’t like it when he would play fight.

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A new kitten might help
by: Jim W.

Cats will often let you know when they've had enough petting, sometimes by biting. It's up to the humans to learn the warning signs and stop before it gets that far.

The foot biting, sometimes referred to as ankle-biting or ankle chasing, sometimes happens because your cat is not stimulated enough. Increase his play sessions/exercise and see if that behavior stops.

If you can handle the high energy of a kitten in the house, it might be just the thing to give your resident cat the stimulation he craves. Make sure you keep them separated at first and do a long, slow introduction process.

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