Question about cat meeting cat

by Terry Han
(New York)

I don't know where else to ask this so I will ask this here:

I have a female cat that has been living in my home for about 10+ years and I am soon moving into a way bigger house that's in the middle of a forest.

The problem is the house already has a cat in it (male ginger, I think) and he likes to go outside. I don't really want to chase the cat living there already but how should I introduce these two together? Thank you very much!

Editor's note: You've got a few things going on here. You've got a move with your cat to a new home along with a resident cat to introduce your cat to. In addition, you've got a resident cat that goes outside, which complicates things.

For that last part (the going outside), you're going to have to make some decisions on how to handle it.

Whenever you bring a cat into a new home, it's best to set up one room where the cat will be temporarily confined. Since in your case, there is a resident cat, it's best if they cannot see each other at first.

I wrote up the steps for introducing two cats when one of our readers jumped the gun.

I recommend watching the below video on cat introductions as well:

I hope that helps!

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cat meetups
by: Anonymous

My issue was I had cat Kahula inside cat & Shadow a outdoor cat, never fed outdoor cat etc BUT he never liked to "socialize" with Kahula or vice versa, Kahula is Russian Blue but died thus now Shadow"rules the roost:" with his girl Mollie ( dog).
Shadow & Kahula would stare into the screen at each other, try to get them to connect during dinner BUT nothing, Kahula would NOT have it.

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