New mother cat mean and aloof

by Kynzee

My cat Lucky is the sweetest thing ever. When she had her fourth litter of kittens, we kept one and named it Franny. We never have kept one before, but when we did, Lucky started being mean and doesn't want to have anything to do with anyone.

I want to know how I can get them to get along or get Lucky to become her normal self again. Any advice?

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by: Anonymous


See a vet and get her spayed
by: Kurt (Admin)

After four litters of kittens, it's long past time for Lucky to retire from motherhood. Getting her spayed will likely make her more docile, and will take the stress of being a mother off of her.

You'll also be doing a service to all the homeless cats out there by not adding more cats to the cat population.

This will also give you a chance to have her vet checked and make sure that her sudden personality change is not due to a hidden medical problem.

In addition, I would try a "reset." I would consider separating the two cats and then reintroducing them slowly, the way you'd introduce two strange cats, to see if that helps ease tensions.

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