My cat Pixie is OCD about cleaning herself

by Patricia

My cat Pixie is OCD about cleaning herself. It's to the point of pulling her hair out. How do I stop her?

My cat Pixie is 3 yrs old. She's always been a clean freak. Well lately its gotten to the point of her hair coming out.

She grooms herself so hard that I have to make her stop. But she'll just find another room and continue. How do I make her stop?

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear that Pixie is having problems, Patricia.

What you're describing sounds like excessive grooming, which can have various causes, including medical problems. You'll need a vet visit in order to determine the cause.

Some of the causes are:

Fleas (which is also allergy related) and parasites
Neurological problems
Other diseases causing pain, itching, or a skin problem

Depending upon the cause as determined by your vet, you can then map out a course of treatment, such as:

Medication for anxiety/stress.
Removal of whatever triggers the allergy.
Stress reduction.

Non-medicinal stress reducers include Feliway and Bach's Rescue Remedy.

Jackson Galaxy's Obsession Solution is made especially for cats with obsessive-compulsive behaviors, such as over grooming, licking, and pulling out fur.

To decrease boredom and stress, your cat needs more exercise and enrichment activities:

1) More and varied toys, rotated out
2) More attention
3) Better use of vertical space and hiding spots (cat trees, cardoard boxes)
4) Hide treats around the house (encourage foraging)
5) Twice daily play sessions with a toy she can sink her teeth and claws into (Da Bird, catnip stuffed toy)
6) A stable routine

Please see this article for more on this condition from a veterinarian's point of view.

I hope that helps,


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Dec 13, 2013
Try spirit essences
by: Beth

I tried the Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essences for Obsessive behavior; one of my new cats has a penchant for chewing plastic bags.

Worked for me and my cat Lily!

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