My cat pees everywhere! At my wit's end

by Kellie
(Crowley, Texas)



My male cat is 10 months old. We have two, his mom and him. I've found his pee spots all over... pillows I had in a corner, the kids logos and dolls, my kitchen floor... no where is safe!

He poops in the box! I don't understand why he can't pee there too? I've used a spray bottle, rubbing his nose in it, making him stay a night outside... it doesn't seem to matter!

The vet said he was fine but it may be a UTI. He finished his antibiotics a few days ago and today I found my computer power cords saturated in urine so it obviously did not work.

The vet wants him on Prozac but I do not want him on a daily med, and we love him sooo much we don't want to see him go... but he's got three feet out the door an the fourth on a banana peel!

I'm sorry to hear that Elvis is having problems, Kellie. It sounds like you love him enough to find a solution, and I'm glad to hear that he's been to the vet to get checked out.

I'm assuming he's neutered? If not, that's the first step. That will calm him down a bit.

I'm also assuming there are no cats or other animals outside the house. If they're out there, and especially if they're marking your outside walls or doors, that may be the issue.

But... is he spraying or urinating? Were the computer power cords hanging or laying flat? If you found pee on the vertical part of the cord, that sounds suspiciously like spraying/marking behavior, not urination. Not all spraying is done on vertical surfaces, but it's something to consider.

Moving beyond that and going point-by-point...

1) Never rub a cat's nose in anything. At best it will just add to his stress level or make him fearful of you, or give him attention (which he may be lacking and that may be part of the problem).

2) Spray bottles are usually not effective on cat behavior problems. I used to use them years ago but had very limited success. But... spray bottles NEVER work on urination problems and all they do is add to the stress level.

3) Putting him outside (and I'm guessing you mean on an enclosed porch) doesn't help.

Think of a human baby who doesn't understand what's going on. If they pee on the floor, rubbing their nose in it won't help. Putting them outside for the night doesn't do anything either. He doesn't know why he's outside.

4) What are you cleaning the urine with? If he smells the urine, he may pee again. He can't help himself.

You have to clean everything thoroughly to cat perfection standards. Use a black light to see residual urine stains that you missed.

You can use an enzyme based cleanser, although I mentioned on another page that Jackson Galaxy recommends a CO2 based cleanser (Fizzion).

Either way, you have to get rid of it all or he'll revert back to his old behavior.

5) About the UTI... sometimes one series of antibiotics does not cure a UTI (your vet
may have mentioned this). He may need another round if that's his problem. If that IS the problem, I'm sorry to say that you won't get any relief until it's gone.

6) When did this first start? What was going on during that time in his life? Did anything change? Think about that and see if you can remove the source of the stress.

Is he getting along with his mother? I've heard reports of mother and son cats having issues when the son gets to a certain age. Maybe he's stressed about it.

7) Prozac does work in some cases, but there are things you can try first. Try (and here I go with my broken record again) Feliway or Rescue Remedy first. Many people have reported great success (some not so much) with Feliway.

8) Instead of putting him outside as punishment (which won't work), put him in a room and retrain him. Clean up all traces of the urine in that room or he'll just pee right on top of it.

Then, he goes in that room with toys, a litter box, food and water bowls placed far away from the box, and a bed. Add a Feliway diffuser to the room.

Visit him and play with him often. It's not punishment, it's retraining. If needed, he may be small enough/young enough to do this in a large cage with a litter box in it.

If you use the cage method, you take him out for supervised play sessions.

During his retraining, clean up the urine in the rest of the house and check it with a black light to be sure. When he's regular, you can let him explore more of the house. If he goes back to his old ways, back in the room he goes as many times as needed until he gets it right.

9) Increase his exercise level. Kittens have enormous energy which they tend to burn off by driving you crazy (it's their life's purpose). Twice a day, for 10-15 minutes, play with him with a fishing pole toy like Da Bird. It has delicious feathers and cats love it.

10) Add more litter boxes. It can't hurt. Some cats like to pee in one box and poop in another. Some cats won't go in a recently used box, whether or not that box was used by them or a housemate.

You should have at least one box for each cat plus one more. And, if your house is multilevel, there should be at least one box on each level. Yes, it's a lot, but it's much better than having problems.

11) Is he a climber? Does he have a cat tree? Every cat needs a sanctuary area in their own home.

Some cats are climbers and some like to hide down low, some do both. Your house should be set up so that your cats have these hiding spots and high climbing places. Allowing cats who need it the use of vertical space is one of the most important aspects of cat care, but many people seem to be unaware of this.

I hope that helps. Please update us on how it goes.

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Mar 25, 2012
O wow
by: kellie

I change my laundry soap frequently lol and I have so many Febreze Noticeables you can't find a free outlet! I feed them Meow Mix and use Tidy Cats. I sometimes use different variations of it but same brand... Yea my boyfriend can not wrap his head around all this he keeps making fun of me... he's like o don't vacuum you're going to stress out the cat! O my...

Mar 24, 2012
by: Steven in Winder

Some kitties (like mine) act like little autistic Rainmen. One slightest change to their environment and they'll make you pay for it. Did you change detergents, fabric softeners, add a Febreeze cartridge or Glade plug in in your laundry area

These are all no-no's near a cat's litter box!

They are sensitive to these harsh airborn chemicals. Do you know how a blood hound can take one sniff and track for miles? Cat's noses are sensitive too. Lose the cheap clay litter and buy The World's Best Cat Litter. It will last one whole month for one to two cats. Use the dangle toy over the new litter box to get him comfy with the new location and make sure you bury one of his pee clumps in the new litter so he can recognize it as his.

As for food, stay away from Purina, Science Die-it, and all other inferior commercial crap. If you paid a lot less for that kind of cat food than pony up for quality foods, then put your whole family on a McDonald's only diet and see how long it takes to obesity and ill health.

Along with their quality Blue's Wilderness and Wellness Salmon and Turkey meal, I give my kitties small portions of cut-up chicken breast, gizzards, beef cubes for stew (ALWAYS RAW NEVER COOKED!)

Giving a cat cooked meat offers them very little but digestive upset. My point is this, treat your kitty as a family member and like the head of the household. If hubby disagrees, pack his bags for him. LOL!

Is it all worth it? Let's just say I would give away a child before a kitty cat. (not LOL) When you're a cat-lover, you're committed, or should be.

Mar 23, 2012
by: kellie

The Momma cat is fixed, Elvis is about to be I just figured he's so young yet it wouldn't be an issue... we live in a cozy house. There's 5 of us in a 3 bdrm home so another litter box is really difficult for me to do. I honestly dunno where to place my kitchen? In my kids rooms.

My options are rather limited... our rooms rooms aren't large. Right now their litter box is in the hall bathroom linen closet an we keep the doir cracked. When I saw him peeing it's not a little he was squatting and going to town. It was a complete emptying of the bladder.

Mar 23, 2012
Second box for us!
by: Steven in Winder

I have personally found Feliway products to be an expensive joke. Nobody wants to spend the small fortune on diffusers and sprays only to find they did not work when used as directed.

You did not mention if you live in a two story house. Upper floors have wood subflooring below the pad and when urine makes it down that far, you're out of luck. Pull up the carpeting, remove the pad, dampen the wood with detergent and Clorox by sponge, let dry and roll or spray paint with Kilz. Concrete below pad? Same sequence.

What my wife and I discovered was that in a two story home, with all bedrooms upstairs, a second or even third litter box is MANDATORY! In the middle of the night, our little Precious found it easier to go on the hallway carpeting instead of walk downstairs into the garage to use his litter box.

Second box, problem gone instantly. We put the new box down, he looked at us, looked at the box, walked over, stepped in and potty he went. Never a miss in 8 months since! We also use the World's Best Cat Litter brand. Clay is a nasal irritant and the chemicals they call Fresh Step is borderline animal abuse. They should have their a$$es sued for irreversible harm to animals and human's lungs!

Good luck. Before I gave up my kitty, I would get rid of one of my kids (if I had any).

Mar 23, 2012
You're welcome
by: Kurt (Admin)

You're welcome. There are links to buy Feliway here (there are links to Amazon and eBay as well on that page, but you can buy it at PetSmart and other pet stores, too).

If you add a box to the house but the cats don't use it, it might be the location, so consider that.

If he's squatting but only releasing small volume of urine, that could be marking and not peeing. Or, it could be a urinary tract problem. It's hard to tell.

When they're not fixed, it tends to complicate things. He's built to go out and find a female, so that's a priority. I'm guessing his mom is fixed? I hope?

Mar 23, 2012
Thank u
by: kellie

Thank you... I really thought that my methods of training would work... I guess I don't understand cats as I thought I did. I have tried two boxes but they just used the new one and not both and we simply didn't have the room so I kept the one they were using.

He gets played with a ton, we have three kids and he is everyone's fav so they are always petting or playing with him. I think him and his momma cat are close they never fight and they are always bathing each other or sleeping together. He actually still tries to nurse off her.

I've caught him peeing and he was squatting but he isn't fixed yet that is my next step. Where can I find the product you mentioned? Thank you very much... Kellie

Mar 23, 2012
by: Sari

We feed Innova dry food & Purina Urinary canned chicken entree. We also give cooked chicken or fish.

Try changing his food... many foods today are causing kidney blocks which cause weird peeing. This is physical... consider also some herbs for his kidneys.

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