Male cat's interest in my female kitten

by Mergen

I have a 10 month old cat. But recently I brought home a 5 month old female kitten to be his mate.

He gets use to her but wants to bite her neck and jump on her, and it sounds like he tries to have intercourse before the female kitten is in heat.

But, the female kitten resists him and fights back with her claws. I just see that the male cat is licking all her body and ears, even smelling and licking vagina or maybe the anus, anything under her tail.

Is this normal? What does it mean? Does it mean he finds her to be a mate?

Editor's note: It means you should keep them separated so that he stops tormenting her and no one gets hurt. I suggest you get him neutered and get her spayed as soon as possible, then introduce them slowly.

Please see this for how to do proper introductions... how to introduce a new cat into the house.

Get them fixed and then introduce them properly and they could be friends for life.

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New member of your family
by: Anonymous

Make few preparations ahead of welcoming your cat home would be helpful for both you and your pet. Check this article

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