Just brought new cat home

by Kristi
(Odessa, Texas)

I just brought a new cat home and my old one has not been around cats. My old one is having problems adjusting and just growls and hisses at the new one.

The new one was living with cats and was fine until my old one growled and hissed at her. Now the old one is getting curious about the new one, but the new one growls and hisses at her.

what can I do? Will they just work it out with time? Thanks for your help.

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Separate them, then do slow introduction
by: Kurt (Admin)

Congratulations on your new cat. When you bring a new cat home, the first thing you do is confine them to a single room.

Then, follow the slow and controlled cat-to-cat introduction process described here. Introducing them slowly over a period of time will help them to adjust.

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