Is my cat pining?

by Annette

I got two kittens nearly a year ago. Sadly, one was run over last week--the tom--and the female is meowing all the time and pacing around the house literally day and night. Any ideas? Thanks.

Editor's note: I'm sorry to hear that your cat was run over, Annette. I think it's very possible that she is missing her buddy, yes.

In multi-cat households, sometimes when one cat just has to go to the vet for the day, the others go into patrol mode and are very unsettled until the other returns. I've seen that among my own cats.

The loss of a household companion can be very hard on a cat, and depression can set in. I would do the following...

Keep her routine as "normal" as possible, but increase the amount of time and attention she gets. Increase playtime, using her favorite toys, and also try getting some new toys to see if that distracts her.

I would be careful, though, to give her alone time if she seemed to need it. Make sure she has "me space" and can go and hide if needed.

Make sure she continues to eat and drink normally. Leave treats in certain spots in the house for her so that she can forage for food.

In extreme cases, your vet can prescribe anti-anxiety medication, although I would try Feliway and/or Rescue Remedy first.

As always, any significant changes in your cat's behavior can be caused by an illness or medical condition, so a visit to the vet is always a good idea.

I hope that helps. Please update us on her progress.

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Thanks for your comment
by: Kurt (Admin)


Thanks for your comment. I share your concern, and I'm very much in favor of indoor cats with safe outdoor enclosures and supervision.

I know of too many stories, including ones that involved homes way out in the country where it seemed "safe" to let the cat out. Not so.

As much as I appreciate the sentiment and the fact that you took the time to submit the comment, I'd like to see if we can focus on getting this female kitty back in better spirits. Thanks!

Keep your cats indoors
by: Anonymous

To save them from getting "run over" we don't let our dogs or toddlers run around unsupervised. Please consider~

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