How do I get my adult cat to like my kitten?

by Bethany
(Fairborn, Ohio, USA)

My boyfriend and I have two cats. One is 1 year and 9 months old and our kitten is 6 months old.

We’ve had our kitten for two months now and our adult cat still does not like her. He was an only cat for about a year.

Every time we try to introduce them, the kitten always wants to play but the male adult cat always attacks her and bites her neck.

He’s never done it hard enough to draw blood or anything, but we always pull him away before it could get to that point.

Will they get along soon? They don’t hiss at each other. He just watches her like prey, then bites her neck. They are both fixed.

He even let her sniff his backside today while he was distracted by a toy. Is there something that we can do to get him to like her?

Editor's note: You can't really force a cat to like another cat, but slow introductions are key to having the best possible chance for success. Have you had a chance to read about the cat-to-cat introduction process and try those steps?

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