How do I ease my cat’s anxiety over ceiling fans?

by Jeremy

When we moved a few months ago, I realized my cat was deathly afraid of the ceiling fans at the new place. I did as much research as I could and incorporated as much positive playtime with her around ceiling fans to the point that she’s typically comfortable enough to lounge around the living room and bedroom now.

Even a few months later, however, she still frequently looks up at the ceiling fan, cowers and runs around a corner. I can get her to play in the living room, and she even sleeps in the living room once in a while, but I’m worried she has this looming fear in the back of her mind that causes her to occasionally look up and remind herself of the ceiling fan.

She also never lets me pick her up under the ceiling fan even though she’s fine with me picking her up anywhere where the fan isn’t visible.

I just don’t want her to be living in fear. Is there anything else I can do to help her feel comfortable where she lives?

It’s a rental and I can’t remove the fans, and it’s not practical for me to go buy a fan to put on the ground to let her sniff and become comfortable with.

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Cat afraid of ceiling fan
by: Anonymous

My cat is afraid of the ceiling fan only when its off. I have to turn it on and then she`s fine. Thats great during the summer but freezing in the winter. But I love her and put up with the cold.

You've done a good job
by: Kurt (Admin)

You've done a good job of helping her cope. Sometimes cats stay skittish of something their entire lives, although the fear may lessen over time.

Does it matter if the fan is on or off? If so, you might be able to work with that.

If you can set up a climbing space for her, perhaps she'd be willing to get closer to the fan over time. You could also try some of the cat calming products, like Feliway, to see if that helps.

I hope she overcomes her fear completely.

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