How can I make my kitten feel less anxious alone?

by Casey
(United States)

My kitten does not handle being alone very well. I didn't realize this until my family brought it to my attention, but she will run up and down the hallway, meowing loudly whenever I'm gone.

I would have liked to fix it this summer but I only learned about said problem a couple days ago. I'm starting school soon and would like to help her anxiety tone down a bit.

I would hate to bother the neighbors. Elder cat wranglers, any suggestions please? This is my first cat, I'm a total novice. Thank you.

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Easing the anxiety
by: Kurt (Admin)

Your kitten is obviously very attached to you, and seems to be having some separation anxiety. To ease the anxiety, a good start would be to have other family members spend more time with your kitten and develop a stronger bond.

To make your kitten feel more secure, I'd also consider setting up a bed for your cat and placing a blanket that smells like you in there.

The next thing I would consider is getting your kitten used to your being away from her. You can do this by leaving the house for a very short period of time and coming back in. The first time you do this, you can just step outside and close the door, and then come back in.

Do this several times a day, and gradually increase the amount of time you spend outside the house before coming back.

Lastly, kittens typically gain confidence as they get older, but in the meantime, there are certain products said to help ease anxiety and stress in cats. Feliway, Rescue Remedy, and Jackson Galaxy Solutions are a few.

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