Confused about pricing on cat breeds

by New2Cats
(New Jersey)

I’m new to pets and I wanted to know about breeds. I've researched a bit on breeds and I know which breed I like. I’m confused because some say they are expensive, but I’ve found some that are very cheap for adoption.

Is this cause for concern, because it doesn’t make sense to me?

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Don't Buy
by: Gayle

Please Please do not buy a cat from a breeder. There are too many cats that need homes.

Ask them why it's cheaper
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'd prefer to see people go with a pure breed rescue first, which would save you a lot of money and give a cat in need a home. But if you're going to buy from a breeder, and to build on Jim's comments...

The only way to ensure you're getting a pure bred cat is to get a cat from a legitimate breeder (or rescue) along with the papers to prove it.

If you see someone advertising a pure bred cat for much cheaper than the going price, ask them why it's so much cheaper. The answer should be revealing.

They're all pretty pricey
by: Jim W.

If you're acquiring a cat from registered breeders, you'll find some breeds are more expensive than others.

Pet quality cats are less expensive than show quality cats, but none of them are "cheap" in my view.

If you're dealing with someone who is not a registered breeder and the price is much cheaper than you've seen, then you're probably not getting a pure bred cat. You may even be getting a cat from someone who does not treat their cats well. Be careful out there.

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