Cat is biting his brother's back

by Kacy
(Pensacola, FL)

Storm & Lightning

Storm & Lightning

I have four cats. There are three house cats, and then there's Lightning. Lightning has been a handful since I got him at 7 weeks. Definitely a behavioral problem.

I don't believe in letting cats outside in the city, but the vet kind of thought that letting him use energy outside might stop him from attacking my oldest cat.

OK, usually he's only gone a few days, and then he's happy inside for nearly a month. This last time, however, he was gone for 10 days.

Neighbors were letting me know of sightings, so I knew he was OK. He finally decided to grace us with his presence last night.

One of the indoor cats I have is his actual brother, not just a litter mate, Storm. While Storm was sniffing around Lightning when he came home, he suddenly pinned him down and started biting his back!

Lightning wasn't happy with that and they had a few words. What would cause Storm to do that?

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Maybe he smells funny
by: Kurt (Admin)

Perhaps Lightening came back smelling not quite right, plus the fact that he was gone for so long this time.

When cats live together, there's a communal scent that develops. When cats go to the vet they come back smelling funny. Sometimes another cat in the house won't recognize that cat and will see him as a foreign intruder. This can cause a fight, of course, and sometimes you end up having to reintroduce the two cats all over again. Maybe something similar is going on here.

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