Cat in and out of litter tray before eventually peeing

by Anonymous

My 10-year-old female cat has started going in the litter tray, then coming back out without peeing. She is also going longer spells without peeing and not doing as many pees.

She's probably not doing as many pees because she is now not drinking much water. The cat's been checked by the vet, had a urine sample, x-rays, etc., but no obvious health problem found. The vet thinks it's stress related.

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your cat is having problems. Multiple trips to the litter box without success can often be a sign of a urinary tract or kidney problem, but it sounds like the vet did a thorough exam.

Still, I'm always suspicious of possible health problems. If she's drinking less water, she may be somewhat dehydrated, and that can lead to urinary tract problems.

The question is, why is she drinking less water than before? Let's assume the vet is right and it's stress. Did anything change in the household or her life just prior to her behavior change?

Are there other animals or new animals in the house that might be stressing her out? Have there been any changes in routine, schedules, jobs, diet, litter box, etc.?

To reduce stress, I would keep schedules and routines as steady as possible, increase her exercise levels, and add some additional enrichment such as:

More and varied cat toys and play sessions.

More scratching posts.

More and better use of vertical space.

On top of that, you can try Rescue Remedy or Feliway.

Please keep us updated on what works for her.

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May 21, 2018
Cat in and out litter tray
by: Anonymous

Thanks, for the reply Kurt. She's on wet food diet and I add small drop of water to her food now. I play with her everyday and she gets plenty attention. Nothing has changed in the house or environment recently. I had her at all he vet recently for another checkup as she went in her tray and back out without doing anything which is something she hasn't previously done. The vet checked her bladder and it was fine, it was small indicating that there was no urine or not much urine in bladder. She previously had a urine sample sent off to a lab for culture check. There was no indication of any bacteria infection. She has been at the vet several times this year. When I'm ready to leave the house she runs under the bed because she thinks she's going to the vet. It can take her a few weeks for her to stop hiding under the bed when I leave the house and as she's had frequent visits to vet maybe stress is responsible. I'm using pet remedy diffuser and she's just recently started on Zylkene tablets that's supposed to have a calming effect on pets. She seems healthy in every other way. I was just wandering if anyone else has had a cat that goes in and out of litter tray without peeing. She doesn't do this everyday or in and out frequently. It's just that she has never done this before.

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