Cat chewing electrical cords

by Kathleen
(Milwaukee, WI)

I have two male cats. I'm not sure which one is doing it, but they are chewing my electrical cords on my new TV. They are now taped temporarily with electrical tape.

I went to turn on the stereo and found all speaker wires chewed to bits. Does anyone have any suggestions on this problem? Or a reason why?

They have plenty of scratching posts and toys, and aren't lacking for attention. Please help. Just bought that TV. It goes out at times and have to wiggle the cord. It's one that is permanently attached to the TV. Thank you.

Editor's note: A lot of readers ask about how to get cats to stop chewing on cords or other items. It's a difficult problem.

With some cats, you can offer them other, more appropriate items to play with and chew on (like chew toys), increase their exercise level, and that seems to help.

Some cats seem to be chewers no matter what, however, even those that appear otherwise happy and well-adjusted. I would suggest some calming pheromone spray, protecting the cords with cord covers or wire loom tubing (and making the tubing taste bad).

I've got a more in-depth answer for this problem here. I hope that helps.

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