The Case For Purebred Cat Rescue

If you're looking to adopt a purebred cat of a particular breed, consider using a purebred cat rescue group.

In talking with many pet owners and those seeking pets, I've found that many people don't even realize that these types of rescue groups exist.

In fact, it seems to come as a surprise to some that you can get a wonderful cat of almost any popular breed in this way.

It's time to get the word out that breeders are not the only breed adoption solution.

It might be hard to understand how a purebred could end up as a rescue cat since purebred cats are not inexpensive to acquire from breeders.

It's also well known that those who are fans of a particular cat breed are usually passionate about the breed and not shy about showing their love for say, a dog-like Maine Coon, a fluffy and docile Persian, or an active and talkative Siamese.

One would think, then, that these kitties would never become available, outside of purchasing a kitten from a breeder. There are many reasons, however, why purebred cats end up at shelters.

These include:

  • Breeder or owner falls ill, becomes disabled, or enters a care facility and is unable to care for the cat
  • Loss of home due to natural disaster, acts of nature, accident, financial loss, loss of job, or divorce
  • Number of cats beyond breeder care capacity
  • Retired breeding cat
  • Retired show cat
  • Unexpected death of an owner or breeder, with no stated provision for the cat

So, as you can see, there's a need for purebred cat rescue organizations to handle recovery and adoptions for cats of many breeds.

There's one reason that is not on that list, although I hinted at it. That reason is breeders providing substandard care, including overcrowding or neglect.

When a substandard breeding facility is discovered and shut down, a purebred cat rescue group may be inundated with an influx of cats. These cats are likely to be malnourished, suffer from neglect or abuse, may be injured, and need medical care.

They also need a place to keep them until they can be adopted, so additional facilities or fostering may come into play. Ultimately, of course, the idea is to adopt these cats out, and that requires resources and exposure.

Retired breeding or show cats are more likely to be adopted out directly by the breeders themselves rather than end up in rescue, but I mention them since both these categories are yet another way to adopt a purebred.

For breeders who run into trouble and need assistance, the The Cat Fanciers' Association Breed Rescue offers help.

There are specific problems faced by purebred cats in shelters, and many if not most of them are used to a fairly quiet, protected environment. Janiss Garza wrote in an article in the 2010 Annual edition of Cats USA magazine that "many people aren't aware that purebred cats face certain issues that your everyday domestic mix does not." Follow her Somali cat (@sparklecat) on Twitter.

She goes on to point out that members of some cat breeds, for example Siamese, Oriental, and Abyssinian may have difficulty coping in a typical shelter environment. These cats may be considered unadoptable, and face a grim fate.

Long hairs, such as Persians and Himalayans, need constant grooming, and their fur gets matted even under the best of care. With neglect, this can become a serious health issue.

My personal opinion is that all shelter animals need a half-way house, such as a foster program where they can decompress, so that the real personality of the animal can shine through. Ms. Garza's article emphasizes that it's even more important for purebreds to be treated in a special manner.

Some folks promoting cats' rights and animal welfare will even say that there's no such thing as a responsible breeder. They'll argue that there is way too much in the way of pet overpopulation in the world, and breeders should be boycotted.

I wouldn't go that far, but all of this makes a strong case for using and funding purebred cat rescue groups. If you run or promote a rescue, please list it using the form below.

Breed Rescues

The following pages have listings for rescues by breed type. I'll add more breeds and listings as I become aware of the organizations. If you work with a rescue or know of someone who does, please make sure it gets listed here.

Bengal Rescues
Maine Coon Cat Rescues
Persian Rescues
Ragdoll Rescues
Siamese Rescues

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