Picture: My Bengal Boy, Charlie!

by Rachel

Here's Charlie having his outside time

Here's Charlie having his outside time

Charlie Ferguson Xavier Larson. That is his full name. I got him from a breeder, but the rest of my future "kids" will be rescues from now on.

Charles, I call him Charles sometimes, is almost 5. He will be 5 in June. He is still very very very rambunctious and silly, I think he will always be like that.

He loves to hear himself meow... especially if there's an echo. Loves to play, but not much of a lap cat... more like he will be one when he wants to be.

Surprisingly, he's extremely tolerant. Never swatted or hissed at me despite all the silly things I do to him, unless I want him to play bite (which he never bites hard).

Great with kids and dogs (his sister is a chocolate lab). He's actually my first cat ever, whereas the breed is not recommended for first time cat owners. I knew my stuff, so it was an exception.

I bring him to pet stores sometimes; so who knows, maybe you'll see him =)

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Feb 20, 2013
Beautiful Bengal
by: Anonymous

Charlie is one handsome cat. I would love to have a Bengal.. But I probably will never be that lucky. I have 3 rescue cats. They are all spoiled rotten.

Miss Friday has some odd markings. She was dropped off on a cold rainy Friday. On her belly when they shaved it there were round spots. Her meow is very different from the other 3, but she is a small cat. We don't think she is an exotic. She just has a pretty coat. She's my baby.

Hope you have lots of years with Charlie. You are a very lucky lady to have him.

Aug 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

He is a very cool cat, indeed. I am Jade the Bombay's mama, and am just stopping by to say I saw your Charlie's beautiful picture. Maybe I'll have a Bengal someday, he is just wonderful! Lucky Cat, Lucky you! :>D

Feb 08, 2012
Charley other bengal boy
by: Pia D

:-) Great boy.

I found this googleing "Charley bengal", I have a lovely Bengal boy myself, he's called Charley.


Feb 03, 2012
I love his spots!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks, Rachel, for giving us a peek into Charlie's world! He's got a beautiful coat (as Bengals are apt to have). I love his spots!

(From Twitter) @ZobyDoby1 said "he's beautiful".

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