Picture: Shadow, loves high places

by Ed Stokes
(Pensacola, FL)

This is a picture of my 5 yr old all black Japanese bobtail cat. She loves to sit atop high places and loves attention. She doesn't come down until she hears her bowl being filled or if it's time to visit the litter box.

Editor's note: Thanks, Ed, for sharing your bobtail cat with us! The picture was a little blurry, so I ran it through some editing tools to try to clean it up.

If you visit this page, perhaps you could submit another picture that would work a little better. You didn't leave an email address (I can't say I blame you), so I'll have to just hope you see this.

If you want to submit another, just use the submission form again, fill in a title of some kind and your name (and maybe your email?), and upload another picture. I'll take that picture and use it here and delete the redundant submission. Thanks!

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