Is my cat a Snowshoe?

by Michael
(Huntington Beach, California)

Hello... I'm not sure what breed my kitty is, but thought he may be a Snowshoe. Hopefully, I'll get some insight.

I've had my kitty since he was only 5 weeks old. I bought him from a woman who wasn't a breeder, but just had her cat give birth to a litter and wanted to get them to a good home.

He was basically all white with a bit of a haze in areas. I noticed as my cat got older, he started to get odd markings that I'd never seen before on any cat. He also acted a bit odd, but I figured most cats are that way.

I looked into his type of pattern on the Internet and I came across the Snowshoe. The pics I've seen on the Internet look just like my cat, and his disposition fits the breed as well. Not every characteristic fit, but for the most part.

So I'm hoping someone can tell me if 'Itty Bitty Kitty' is a Snowshoe or not. Or, if maybe he is just a normal, unknown type that just happens to have his own style and look. By the looks of the ones on the Internet I've seen, he resembles some very closely.

He is 6 years old, weighs about 14 pounds and has a beautiful glossy short hair coat. All four paws are white and he is clearly a Siamese mix. His hind legs have white ankle socks, and his front paws have white sleeves.

His body is lengthy and he is very much a lover towards me. He climbs on me and pushes his face into mine for up to 10 minutes, and then climbs on my shoulder, nuzzling my hair and purring very loudly. Then he lies there, purring for hours and hours at a time... sometimes overnight.

If I get ready to leave, he will try to trip my feet up and starts to play by hiding and ambushing me as I walk around the room to get ready to go. As I walk towards the door, he will run in front of me and roll on his back to expose his belly. He'll lie there with a cute look on his face and basically begs me to rub his belly.

Anyhow, I hope this story gets to someone that knows these cats and can tell me what he may be. I'm not a cat guy and never was, until I got him and he turned my life around. I love this kitty more than anything and he really shows his love for me.

Anyone willing to throw out their two cents will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a wonderful new year!

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Jan 16, 2015
thanks for the great comments
by: Anonymous

Thanks again everyone for your insight. Itty bitty seems to be part Siamese to me. The patterns are very distinct to one but I'm not a cat connoisseur. I would like to post another pic to show more of the Siamese coat I think he has but don't see another link to do that. But it's not that big a deal anyhow. He is my best friend to me and it really dosent matter I guess. If I google Snowshoe, cats like him show up, so I'm more inclined to think he has Siamese in him. Thanks again everyone!

Editor's note: You can post another pic at Facebook or Cat Breed Pictures.

Jan 10, 2015
male calico
by: M. Boydstun

I'm almost 45, and in the mid-70's, I was in grade school. I had a cat who was named Calico, a male(I didn't know they were rare at that time). He was such a great cat. He had a fluffy, particolored coat patterned similar to yours.

We lived on an acreage in the country, and our two dogs(outside dogs) liked to hunt- field mice, squirrels, rabbits, deer, and once, a badger. Calico was unfazed by the dogs(a Beagle and a small shepherd mix). I was out in the yard with Calico, and we came around one end of our trailer to encounter the dogs coming around the other end. The dogs stopped in their tracks. Standoff. Calico moved toward them like, "Hah!" The dogs looked at each other like, "Ohcrap!" and fled. It probably wouldn't have made any difference whether I was there or not; they lived together. They were all good family pets, but Calico was a pretty tough kitty.

Jan 09, 2015
not a snowshoe
by: Erin

Hi there,

What you have is not a snowshoe. That appears to be a calico tabby mix and male calicos are extremely rare. It goes back to the needle in the haystack theory. Male calicos are rare and worth money. Calicos are almost always female. While i do not know how ro upload a picture of my little girl cheyanne, she is allwhite with a gray face and tail and patches look like smeared smoke thru out her. She has white socks on her feet and gloves on front paws and my favorite feature is her all black nose. I will try and post a pic of her if i can but u definitely have something other than a snowshoe. By the way the breed themselves ae rare and if a pure bred like mine, worth a lot of money especially if they have kittens which go for 4-500 for adults and 500-1000 for kittens they are worth more when pure bred.

Jan 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

He looks like a great cat.

Jan 09, 2015
by: dee

Whatever he is, he is smart and BEAUTIFUL.

Jan 04, 2015
by: Janet

If your cat is a male, then he's most unusual, as he appears to be a calico, and calicos are usually female. A male calico is very rare.

He looks very soft and sweet.

He's not a Snowshoe, though - This is a Snowshoe (see attached image).

Snowshoes are marked like a Siamese with a white blaze and white feet.

Thanks for posting!


Snowshoe cat

Jan 03, 2015
by: Karen S. Tucker

Hey! I'm not sure if your cat is a Snowshoe breed or not but he is a very beautiful, very intelligent cat just the same! Enjoyed reading your intro to Showshoe!

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