Would my cat be OK indoors when I am on vacation?

by Anonymous

Would my cat be OK indoors for four days with daily supervision twice when I am on vacation? I am going to be leaving my cat for the first time. He is just over a year old.

Normally he goes out once a day late afternoon and returns around 10:30 pm - no cat flap, he just meows and we let him in.

My friend will not be able to stay long enough, however, to let him back in at 10:30 pm. The only solution is he stays indoors for the four days and nights.

My friend will come by twice a day to change food / litter etc., and keep my cat company. I figure this is better than a cattery - especially as the better ones are all booked up!

Just wanted to know what people did and if the above is fine?

Thanks for reading. :)


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Boarding may be better
by: Anonymous

I used to leave my child-cat at home and have my neighbor/pal take care of her. Emily said Ginger stayed under the bed the whole time and came out to eat after she left. Then I got the hide and silent treatment for a week after I got back! Now I board her and she bounces right back the day I return. It's better they not be alone.

Depends on the cat
by: Jim W.

As with many things cat, it depends on the cat. If your cat is really anxious and determined to get out, your friend may find some things inside the house destroyed when they check on your cat. Then again, the visits a couple of times a day may be enough.

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