Will my cat hate me now?

by Zachary
(Penns Grove, NJ)

I recently adopted a cat from a shelter. I've been a dog person my whole life. I know next-to-nothing about cats. Well, recently, I moved into a house that I'm renting, and I'm not allowed to have dogs, but the people who own the house would allow me to have a cat.

I was excited when I had the opportunity to adopt a cat from the local shelter. I brought him home in a carrier.

I'm living in a two-story house. The upstairs has five bedrooms and one bathroom. The cat, as expected, went into hiding. I made the stupid mistake of petting it and trying to coax it out of hiding.

I went looking for it a couple of times and found him, but each time, he tried to escape. What I should have done was confine him to one room until he adjusted. I was just so excited that I wanted to play with him and show him affection, but now I fear he may not like me, given I annoyed him as he was trying to adjust.

On a better note, I confined him to one room with some toys, boxes, and food and water. I checked on him, and he ate the food, but is hiding under a piece of furniture. I take this as a good sign.

But, has irreparable harm been done? Will the cat not want anything to do with me?

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It take a long time...sometimes
by: Randy

I went thru the same thing when I brought a second cat into my home. I isolated her in my bedroom. She hid under the bed for 3 1/2 days. I almost had to drag her out and take her to the vet because she wouldn't eat or drink.

Finally, she started eating, but still hid off and on for weeks. I would sit on the floor by her hiding place and entice her with food. At first she wouldn't come near me, but slowly came close and closer. Eventually she ate snacks out of my hand. Now when she is happy to see me she vibrates her tail. LOL

I acclimated her to my male cat thru a door for the first couple weeks. Finally let her out. My male cat wanted to play, but the female was scared to death of him. Hissed, ran away, swiped at him for 5 or 6 weeks.

She eventually realized the much larger male didn't want to hurt her and accepted him. Now they are best buddies. Play together, sleep together. Pretty much inseparable.

This whole process took...are you ready?...3 months!!! Was it worth it? Yep!

The female turned out to be a very affectionate cat. All 5 1/5 lbs of her. She sleeps with me, watches TV with me. Follows me around. Always purring and wanting to be petted.

So, don't give up. It might take months for her to get used to you and the new surroundings.

He'll be fine
by: Kurt (Admin)

While every cat and every cat-human relationship is different, you can repair the relationship. Spend time with him in that room, but let him do what he wants.

The cat sets the pace for the relationship, so don't force anything. Sit with him. Watch TV or movies. Talk to him. Read. Just be.

Get yourself a Cat Charmer wand toy or a Da Bird or Bird Catcher Pro.

Cats love these toys. Again, don't force it. Just move the toy around the room and eventually, he'll probably play with it.

It can take a few days or even a few weeks for a cat to come of its shell, and six months or more to fully adjust to a new environment.

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