Why won’t my cat play fetch anymore?

by Lindsey Van

I have two Maine Coon mix rescues that are siblings. They have been with each other since they were born and we adopted them together. They have always gotten along for the most part, with the exception of a few fights occasionally.

Recently, they have been fighting a lot and they had a very big fight the other day which involved some hissing.

In the two years we have had them, I have only heard them hiss once. I immediately separated them to let them calm down.

Ever since then, one of my cats has been very scared to be around the other, and this is my brave cat. Luckily, we have reacclimated him so he is spending much more time with us and his brother, however, my other cat who is very playful and always full of energy has stopped playing fetch.

This was a normal behavior for him and has been since he was a kitten. Since the fight, he does not get as excited to play, even with his favorite toys and will no longer play fetch. I am very concerned that he will not want to play anymore.

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It may take some time
by: Kurt (Admin)

It might just take time. If they're getting along and things appear to be returning to normal, it might just take time for him to settle down.

Have you tried feeding them treats or meals at the same time, or playing with them at the same time?

As long as they'll tolerate each other, this might speed the process. I'm not sure of the reason for the fights, though. You'll want to be sure all their needs are being met.

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