Why won't my cat go to the cooler room?

by MissMonk

I have a long haired cat, and every summer he looks so miserable and pathetic lying stretched out in the heat. Since we moved to an upstairs apartment, I splurged and got an air conditioner that I put in the bedroom.

I put a heavy fleece in the doorway to keep the cool air in. I let my kitty come in and out as he pleases, but he wont go in and be his lazy self in the bedroom, which I keep at 75* even when I'm gone.

He continues to stretch out on the floor in the living room which is really hot. I don't understand why he does this. Is this just a waste of electricity to keep it on for him? I even leave a bowl of water in there.

Thanks to anyone who answers.

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The kitty who doesn't like a cool room
by: Lora W.

I have spoken about this with my brother, who knows a bit about cats too, and we came up with 2-3 possible reasons for the problem.
First, I don't know how old kitty is; that could be a factor. With age, kitties seem to want more warmth. It may have to do with illnesses such as arthritis.
Maybe, kitty doesn't like the noise of the air conditioner. Kitties can be quite contrary.
I think I would just keep the air on and he might just take to it.
In the mean time, I would groom the kitty a lot. Long hair can be a problem ( matting ). Maybe take your kitty to a grooming shop and get the fur trimmed for summer.
Just a few thoughts...hope it helps.

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