Why is my male kitten meowing like a female?

by Sarah
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

A few days ago, my male kitten (5 months old) fought with a male adult who entered my house by opening the window while I was away. When I got home he was lying on the floor and the other was still in the home but ran after seeing me.

My cat was beaten badly and now is under treatment. He's lethargic and isn't eating anything.

Four days after the fight he's making girlish (saying girlish because he has a thick and heavy sound) and shivering sounds (meows).

I need to know if he's mentally upset because he's injured so badly and the other cat was fine the way he seemed. If so, What can I do for him to cure his mental health.

Thank you.

Sarah B

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Jun 22, 2018
by: Anonymous

Abundant TLC for sure but also wondering if baby's vocal cords are stressed or injured from the beating. Encouraging fresh water constantly might be a good all around healing key point. I tell my kitty, 'drink your Agua' and now at age 9 she knows it's her 'water'. Good stuff!
Wishing your baby complete healing,

Jun 22, 2018
How stressful!!
by: Jolie66

I am happy to see that you have taken your kitten to the vet. That's strange that the vet had nothing to say about the change in vocalization pattern for your fur-baby. I personally think that his voice has only changed temporarily, because being beaten up at such a young age must have been so traumatic for him that he is regressing to a more infantile state of mind. Just love him and spoil him and do what the vet says, and hopefully he will become his former self. I'm so sorry this happened. He just needs to heal and know that you love him and that you will not hurt him like that other cat did. He is having trust issues perhaps, so don't break that trust!

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