Why is my cat growling?

by Annette

We just rescued a Manx three months ago. We also have another cat that we’ve had since he was a kitten. We introduced them slowly (both males) and now they eat close to one another and play together.

The original cat has always slept with my husband and me and still does. The new cat sleeps with our adult daughter.

But now when our daughter tries to hold or pet the original cat, he growls at her. He doesn’t do that with anyone else in the household.

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Maybe he hasn't fully accepted the new cat yet
by: Kurt (Admin)

In my experience, cats don't growl that often, but when they do, it's often because they either feel threatened or are in pain.

Maybe your daughter and everything in her bedroom has the strong scent of your new Manx. If your other cat hasn't quite fully accepted the new guy, that might explain it.

Perhaps you could try to get your original cat to spend more time in there and get more of a mixed scent going in that room, then see how it goes.

Thank you for rescuing! :)

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