Why is my cat angry?

by Annexia

My 2-year old female cat is always so angry and aggressive. She is really hostile to her kitten who is now 1 year old. I usually don't separate their living but sometimes I just have to.

We live in a commercial area so it's not possible for me to take them outside. But I do expose them to the outside world. We have a great natural environment around the house and they can access the balcony and windows anytime.

My question is why is my cat being so mean? Is she being maltreated in any way? How can I help her be happy and jolly?

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Find out what is lacking
by: Crystal

Unless she has an illness, she probably is acting this way because something is lacking in her life. She's stressed in some way. Some questions to think about:

Does she have a place where she can go to be alone?

Does that space have everything she needs?

Does she need more space (don't forget about vertical space - cat trees)?

Is she getting enough attention?

Is she getting enough playtime and exercise?

Those are just for starters. I would think long and hard about how she's coping with resource sharing with the other cat.

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