Why is my cat acting differently?

by Anonymous

My cat (1 year old), is acting differently. She's distancing herself from me, doesn't show affection, and is being very weird. It's like she doesn't like me anymore, and I need help to know why she is like this. How can I make her happy again?

Is she jealous? She had her first litter earlier this year (in January) and she had one baby kitten. Now the kitten is 2 months old and very active and you know we have to take care of kittens a little more.

I don't know if her being jealous is the reason to her actions. If she is jealous, how can I fix that?

I honestly don't know what's wrong. Please help me.


She's eating perfectly normally.

She is using her litter box.

She's not very active, which is weird because she is normally very active and can't go a day without playing.

She went into heat once after she gave birth, but she got a hormone injection because we can't spay her at the moment.

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Has she been spayed?
by: Jolie66

That was the first thing that popped into my mind, until I read the rest and you mentioned that she had a litter. I think if you were to spay her this would no longer be an issue. Hormones can wreak havoc on any female (some men too, I suppose) and make us act strangely. See what your vet has to say about this. Good luck!!!

Postpartum Depression
by: Kurt (Admin)

I'm sorry to hear your cat isn't doing well. I'm not sure if cats get postpartum depression, but I do know that they can get depressed after the kittens are weaned if they're taken away from them.

Maybe they can get depressed if they're not taken away, or maybe this is something entirely different.

I'm not sure why your cat had to have a hormone shot, but in any case, I know vets sometimes prescribe drugs (e.g. Prozac and anti-anxiety meds) for other types of depression.

You really can't treat something until you know what it is, though, or at least have your vet rule out what it isn't.

You might want to see if your vet can...

a) diagnose the problem, and

b) prescribe a course of treatment and then go from there. I hope she recovers quickly.

by: The cat's owner

No , she started to act like that when her kitten started to grow and be active

I think i agree on the Postpartum Depression , but do you know how to get rid of it?

Thanks for the reply !!

Maybe she doesn't feel right
by: Sally F.

If she's sluggish and not playing as much, maybe she's not feeling quite right. She might not be sick enough to go off food, but she's not feeling totally herself.

Maybe it's postpartum depression. If this started after the hormone injection, maybe it's related to that.

What does your vet say?

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