Why has my kitten's sweet disposition changed?

by Maria W Gardino
(Jackson,TN USA)

This was Andy before he left home.

This was Andy before he left home.

Four months ago I got two kittens, a male and female, 2 months old. Both have been spayed and neutered and had their rabies shots. They were not related, but had been together throughout their stay at the Humane Society.

When we got home they were inseparable, always playing, eating, and sleeping together. The male, Andy, was twice as big as the female, Abigale.

Andy started to go outside in the daytime, but Abigale would not go out. Then Andy started staying out all night and was sleeping in the barn.

One night, Abigale did want to go out. About two hours later she was at the back door, sounding like she was screaming. She had also pooped next to the back door on the porch. This has happened three times since. Abigale seems scared to death because of him.

His whole sweet and playful disposition has changed. He looks at me like he doesn’t know who I am. I put food and water in the barn for him and he comes during the night and eats.

Can you tell me if cats have always done this? What should I do? Abigale is an inside cat, for sure. Thank you for any advice.

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kitty changed
by: Anonymous

Cats should be kept indoors if you gou got them for pets.your kitten may be turning feral. If you want them get them back inside.

Is he healthy?
by: Jim W.

This can happen. It can mean the cat is sick, or he might be fine. Only your vet knows for sure.

One thing is likely. The longer he stays out there, the less friendly he'll become, and the more "barn cat" he'll be.

I think I'd get him checked out by the vet and then try to bring him back inside and keep him in one room for a while. See if he acclimates to indoor life. Then see if you can reintroduce the two cats so they get along.

It's kind of like starting all over again, except keeping the two separated so there are no problems. Sometimes it's quick. Sometimes it takes a while. Hopefully he figures out that things are good indoors.

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