Why doesn't my cat show me affection at all?

by Catalina

My 5-month-old kitten, Charlie, has NEVER shown me affection. I found him when he was very little in my backyard.

He was the only one in the litter and we think his mother abandoned him. I bottle-fed him back to health and I know this can be problematic.

Now, he bites my feet sometimes when I'm walking. I think it's because he wants to play. My mother used to spray him with a water bottle to get him to stop and I think that might be the reason he doesn't trust us.

When I try to pet him he immediately tries to bite me. He won't let me touch him at all. He never shows me affection (rubs up against me, sits on my lap, lets me pet him).

I don't know what to do at this point. I just want him to eventually trust me, love me, and show me affection.

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Regaining trust takes time
by: Sally F.

Ankle biting/foot biting is often a sign that a cat is bored and/or wants to play. Increasing the amount of playtime and other enrichment (hiding treats for him to find) can be beneficial.

Using a spray bottle is not recommended, and that may be the reason he isn't pleased with you. It can take a long time to win or regain a cat's trust. Take baby steps. Use play (wand-type toys like Cat Dancer), treats, and mealtimes to win trust.

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