Why does my cat yell?

by Anna

I have a neutered male cat, aged 5 years old. I adopted him with his brother when they were both kittens. Unfortunately, his brother died in May this year following diagnosis and six months of treatment for kidney disease.

Since the death of his brother, every night my cat "yells" for two to three hours, almost as if he is looking for his brother. He searches the house and I have the impression he is "calling" for his brother.

When his brother was alive, if they were separated or at any distance he would "call" his brother and he would come running and then they would play/groom each other.

Can I have some advice as to what I should do to help my cat? I have been told to get another cat, but I am not convinced that this would solve the problem.

Thank you so much for your help. Anna.

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Cat yowling
by: Betty

Your cat misses his brother and is trying to find him. He is lonely and getting another kitten would give him a companion.

Grieving cat
by: Kacy

Your baby is confused, grieving and lonely. The suggestion to get another friend for him is a good one. He'd have someone else to focus on other than his grief and loneliness. A cat should never be solitary unless you're home all the time and able to give it the attention (love, play and grooming) it craves. Perhaps a much younger cat, less than a year old, would give him focus in looking out for it and teaching it to be the good cat he is.

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