Why does my cat like to lie down on my neck?

by Raven

Hi there! While I highly doubt that this behavior is negative, I am still curious. My cat is about 4-5 years old now. When I’m just relaxing in bed, my cat will jump up and then lay down on my neck/chest, almost on my face.

She will usually want me to pet her too, or she will fall asleep there. Sometimes she kneads on my arms as well. She’s not a heavy cat by any means. She’s average weight, so she doesn’t hurt me when she does this and I don’t mind it, but it’s such a common thing for her to do that I assume there’s a reason for it.

Is it because she likes the warmth or closeness? It’s nothing that I should discourage her from doing, yes?

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She wants to be close to you
by: Sally F.

I had a cat that did that a lot, to multiple people, often with a paw stretched out touching your face. I think they like the heartbeat and the rhythm of the breathing, but it's probably also about the warmth and closeness. It's your bonding time.

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