Why does my cat hit my partner at night?

by Anonymous

My cat is a 12-year-old sweetheart who loves cuddles, but at night he paws at my girlfriend's face and he does not stop no matter what we do. We go to sleep at 11 pm, then he's attacking her by 2-4 am. Sometimes I'll feed him to make him stop, but even that doesn't make him leave her alone for the rest of the night.

When we aren't sleeping my cat loves my girlfriend. He makes her pet him and loves sitting on her lap. It's just when we go to bed when my cat no longer likes my girlfriend.

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Cats are weird
by: Randy

My female tortie does that at 7am every morning if I fail to get up on time to feed her. Occasionally, in the middle of the night she will wake me up for a treat at 4 am. LOL Her claws are out, but she very gently paws my face without hurting me.

My guess there is some reason your cat does this. Wants food, likes your partner and wants to play, etc. Ya might be able to figure it out, or maybe not. The behavior may stop as quickly as it began. Try sleeping in separate beds and see what happens. She might be sleeping in your cat's territory.

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by: Amy

No, she does not wear anything with a scent before bed. The behavior is new, my cat never does this when she’s not sleeping over.

We’ve been dating for several months and my cat only started doing this to her after a month or 2 of her spending some nights in my apartment.

I was unemployed for a few months before I met my partner, so that’s new? But I’ve been working from home for the past month and my cat is still acting up at night.

by: Sally F.

Does she use any kind of face cream, makeup remover, or special soap at night before bed? Something with a scent to it? I'm wondering if that would trigger it.

Also, is this a new behavior? When did it start? Did anything change right before it started? That may clue you in as to why he's doing this.

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