Why does my cat hate me?

by Noor

A couple of months ago my aunt and her family (who love cats) shifted in the same house as ours because they didn't have a place to live and couldn't afford a new place thus my dad offered them to stay at our house.

They constructed their own room in our house and filled it with their stuff. Now my cat, who is two years old, never leaves their room. She is always inside their room roaming about and let's my aunt and her whole family pet her.

She rarely comes to me now and if I hold her and pet her she hates it. I tried ignoring her but nothing works, she's still the same.

I literally have no idea why she's doing this because before they came she was pretty friendly with me and would let me pet her. My mom and sister say that she's just curious about the new stuff and people but it's been almost two whole months.

I need help I feel like I'm losing my cat and I love her to death.

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She's just claiming the new people
by: Sally F.

Your kitty doesn't hate you. She's just claiming the new people and their stuff for herself, because everything belongs to the cat!

Cats like to do things on their own terms, so give her some time and space to figure out the new routine.

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