Why does my cat do this to me?

by Katie

My cat likes to lay his head on my boobs, paw at them, or lick them. Luckily he never kneads or sits on them like some other cats do to their owners.

I've tried putting big blankets over me, put on more clothes, but he just burrows under them. It's getting hotter so now it's easier for my cat to reach them since I wear lighter clothes. It doesn't hurt, but it makes me uncomfortable.

I've tried moving him, but later at night he will do it again. If I kick him out of my room, he will cry at the door for a long time.
Is this normal? Why is he doing this?

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Not sure
by: Sally F.

I'm not sure exactly why he's doing that, but some cats just do things like this. Some cats latch onto your neck and make your skin raw. Other cats nibble your toes or fingers, or sleep on your chest, or on your head. It sounds pretty normal to me.

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