Why do my cats demand attention in the basement?

by Lisa R
(Wildwood, MO USA)

I have a great relationship with my cats. They are brother and sister bonded siblings, 10 months old. We have a predictable routine of when they play with us, sit on our laps, nap, and take independent time.

They both follow me around during the day if I am on the move from room to room. If I go to the basement, they follow me down. They will not stay in the basement without me, but follow me every time.

While I am down there, they are soooo needy! Demanding my attention, mewing, jumping on me, interrupting whatever I am doing. Knocking my things over, climbing up on me which gives me scratches.

They are so careful with me on the main levels of the house. They never have their nails out when they climb on me unless I have a good layer of clothes. It is summer, so I noticed they retract claws on my bare skin. But in the basement, they are so stimulated. They need to get into everything I do and climb up on me with nails out... OUCH!

If I go upstairs and try to sit with them and give them cuddle attention, they are not interested. I go back downstairs and they are Pepe La Pew needy again! What gives?

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Is there something in the basement or outside?
by: Wanda

I don't know why they would act that way only in the basement unless there is something in the basement or just outside the basement that is stimulating them. Are there any animals or nests of any kind in or just outside the basement? What about a previous homeowner who had animals down there?

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