White things in kitten's mouth?

by Qlor Yrsi

There is this cat in my neighborhood. I feed her and she usually sleeps in my front yard. I never thought of adopting her, though, because I am not very good with pets since I am out of my house most of the time.

Yesterday, she gave birth to five kittens in my front yard, but today I was shocked to find only two left!

I don't know what happened to rest of them. :( The remaining two kittens have these white things in their mouths. What are they?

And I think the kittens are premature? I don't know much about cats, but these are way too small. I don't know if it's normal or not.

Is it normal for the mother cat to leave her kittens alone? She's not with them most of the time. She trusts me, though, and knows I am no danger to them, so I am not sure if she abandoned her kittens or if she just goes out looking for food or doing other stray cats' business.

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Mar 28, 2018
Or Flea Larvae??
by: Jolie66

Yeah, those white things look like some sort of larvae. I think you should definitely take these two remaining children to the vet's. Hopefully they can be saved! Good luck!

Mar 27, 2018
These cats need a vet
by: Jim

Mother cats will often move their nest to hide from danger. They can only move one kitten at a time, and that can take time. They also can't stay with them all the time.

That being said, she may have abandoned them. I'm not sure what the white things are, but I think they could be fly larvae?

These cats really need to see a vet as soon as possible. Thank you for helping them.

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