What's wrong with my kitty?

by Molly

For over 10 years I've had a cat who's not very affectionate. He is usually a loner. He's indoor, and no one really pets him or shows him affection because he doesn't seem to want it.

About six days ago, I was awoken by a lot of loud noise because my neighbor was removing a large tree from their yard. I went out into the living room and I found Frankie sitting in a box curled up scared because of all the loud noise.

I picked him up and brought him in my room because the sound was not as loud there. Ever since that day, this cat has not left my side.

It's like he suddenly doesn't want to be alone. He snuggles, he gives me kisses, and he follows me everywhere I go.

I can't close the door. I can't go to the bathroom without him meowing and he never meows. What's with the complete 180? Is it really possible that this all came about because he knows that I was trying to keep him safe from the noise?

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Behavior change
by: Jim W.

Sometimes when a cat goes through a traumatic experience, they get more affectionate with their people.

by: tino

Maybe the noise was a catalyst for his emotions. Maybe his lack of affection was from a previous trauma. Sometimes a cat's emotions must be invoked some how.

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