What's going on with my cats nose?

by Tara

My kitten is about seven months old, and constantly has black/dark brown discharge coming out of his nose. I rescued him, and when I found him he had a severe flea infestation, worms, and dehydration.

He was underweight, and had ear and nose discharge. What was in his ear was black/dark brown, a similar look to the nose discharge but hasn't come back since I cleaned out his ears.

I cannot get the nose discharge to go away and have no clue what it is! I clean it out frequently so it doesn't bother his breathing but it comes back the next day. It wipes out with a Q-tip very easily.

Obviously he had a few issues when I rescued him and I have no idea what he could have been exposed to living outside. What could this be?

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Jan 17, 2019
what is coming out of my cat's nose
by: James D.

My gal pal has a cat with allergies, your cat may have them too. My cats went to a vet who deals ONLY with cats. She also checks their blood pressure. Most vets deal with animals in general. You need a vet who ONLY specializes in cats. Cats are not the same as other animals. DO NOT ever give a cat aspirin, it is poison to them and will kill them. So, go to a specialist who will find out what is wrong with your kitty. Also, my wife who is a nurse, said the discharge from the nose is old blood. Find a vet NOW.

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