What to do when there’s a litter of cats in your backyard?

by Denise
(Los Angeles, California, United States)

Hello! A few days ago I found a litter of cats hiding under my house and playing in the backyard. They are very cute and I want to somehow take them inside my house.

Up until now, I have been giving them water, a bit of meat, and a box for shelter. I have also seen the mother of the kittens walking around my neighborhood, but she hasn’t returned for a long time.

I know that mother cats are supposed to come back within three hours or so.

I have actually tried approaching them, but whenever I do, they end up running away and going back under the house. One of them actually hissed at me.

I don’t know if they are feral kittens or stray kittens. By their eye color, they are blue-ish. I have been monitoring them since I have found them, but they haven’t been crying for their mother or anything like that.

Someone please help me find a way to tame them and bring them in. Also, please recommend some products I should buy for them if I ever do.

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Trap them and bring them to a veterinarian
by: Kurt (Admin)

There are a few options. If the kittens are eating solid food, but still young enough to tame, they can become pets.

It's possible that feeding them may allow you to pick them up at some point, but that could take a very long time. Get them some kitten food so they get the nutrients they need.

They may have parasites, and they need their shots, so they need to be vet checked or they're going to have health problems.

If they're not friendly enough to catch right now, you can buy a trap, or see if your local shelter can lend you one. Another option is to find out if there's a local rescue group that does trap-neuter-return (TNR) work or rounds up strays and ask them for help. See if anyone affiliated with Alley Cat Allies is in the area.

The mother cat should be trapped as well, evaluated to determine if she's stray or feral, and then adopted or returned (if feral).

Thanks for trying to help the kitties and good luck!

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