What causes mouth ulcers in a cat?

by Debra Taylor
(Grand Island, NE)

My cat is 11 years old and has always been healthy, but she suddenly began developing mouth ulcers. The vet thinks it is a virus.

She is wanting to eat and drink but it hurts her to do so. I have never seen this before... Any advice?

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some info to help ulcers
by: Anonymous

This site has great information - mainly for chronic kidney disease, but covers mouth ulcers also. Here's the link for the info on mouth ulcers and how to help.

Mouth Ulcers - Treatments

Some additional info: Mouth Ulcers - Symptoms

mouth ulcers
by: karen jacobs

A lot of the cat foods that we buy for our cats today say they are 100% balanced for the cats to eat. Well. Not all things are equal. We had a cat that developed mouth ulsers.

This cat was my sister's. She really could not afford the better cat foods and this cat developed mouth ulcers and could barely eat. He lost a lot of weight. Veterinary science does not know enough about ulcers in cats. We started feeding this cat Rachel Ray cat food and a high end canned food as well.

It took about 2 months for this cat to get well. You will need a lot of patience with your kitty. Good luck with your kitty.

by: Marge

Is there anything that has changed in your cat's life about the time she developed the ulcers? Change of food? New bed? New carpet in your home? New piece of furniture? Think about the changes. There must be something that changed near the time of the first ulcer popping up.

Or maybe your cat does need an extensive dental? Just guessing.

Mouth Ulcers
by: ladyval

One of my cats had this... my vet called them rodent ulcers. We gave him a steroid shot every 6 months and it helped him. Check into that.

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