What can a vet do for this feral kitten's legs?

by Ann
(Denver, CO, US)

I found a feral kitten four weeks ago and it was in critical condition. The hind legs had been cut off, and his front right paw had nerve damage. He was severely starved and dehydrated as well.

The legs had scabs and were not infected. They didn't think he'd make it, and thought I should consider putting him down.

I didn't, and he has now doubled in size and seems healthy, but the scabs came off and his legs are open wounds. It almost appears like the bone is sticking out at the end of his right leg, and there's not much skin.

Has anyone experienced what they do for the stumps in situations like these? He's been at the the vet several times, but they thought he'd die, and he had to get healthier so wouldn't discuss it.

Now he's going in again Friday, but I'm not sure what to expect. I'm scared for him and have fallen immensely in love with him.

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Nov 16, 2018
You are Wonderful!!
by: Jolie66

You are the antithesis of that horrid person who cut this child-cat's legs off! You are the exact opposite. God bless you and take care of this lucky kitten. Lucky because he has you and that he's too young to know he was supposed to have hind legs. Good luck, you kind soul.

Nov 15, 2018
I'm not sure, but consider getting a second opinion
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thank you for helping this kitten. I have no personal experience with something like this, but I've seen some television shows where they've been able to seal up wounds so the limb can heal.

If he doesn't have enough skin there to do that, I'm not sure if they can do skin grafts on cats, but I would certainly ask the vet.

The right vet can do amazing things, and cats have incredible resilience and ability to heal. With serious and complicated veterinary procedures, I would consider getting a second opinion.

I hope they can do something for him. Please let us know how it goes.

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