What breed should I get?

by Adi

I’ve been researching for months but every time I seem to settle, I’m told they’re high maintenance or not well suited for a first-time owner. I’m 16, I adore cats, and I will be getting one of my choice in roughly a year as a gift from my parents. My dad has laid down two rules:

1) Must get a kitten, the younger the better so I’m assuming he wants one between 8-14 weeks.
2) Must have short hair.

My mom has been taking care of and raising cats since she was a child and basically just wants a cat in the house again.

I want an affectionate, vocal cat, but I’d also prefer a cat that usually only bonds with one person. I want an active cat too, and originally planned on a Maine Coon or Bengal but I was discouraged from Bengals because I’m a (soon to be) first-time cat owner. Maine Coons go against the second rule.

Are there any suggestions for an affectionate, short-haired, active cat?

I’d rescue but in Japan, where I live, most rescues are already full grown and the reason they’re up for adoption is because they are no longer "cute." I’m still looking but I’m also looking for some possible breeds?

I’ve also been all over the internet and this seems like one of the better places to ask. I hope it doesn’t matter that I haven’t gotten a cat yet.

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What breed?
by: Randy

Get a rescue cat from the pound or shelter. Better than buying a high dollar specialty breed. Abandoned kitties need forever homes.

New cat owner
by: Kacy

My first was a Devon Rex, and I rescued him. He was very loving, and very loyal to just me. Not real playful but when I got him he was about 9, so that's not a test. Check into the breed, along with Cornish Rex.

Which breed...
by: Sally F.

Any cat can be high maintenance, and not every cat lives up to the expectations set by the breed profile. That said, take a look at the Abysinnian, the Japanese Bobtail, and the Russian Blue.

If you can find a rescue of one of those breeds, all the better.

I would avoid Bengals or any wild-hybrid cross as they are definitely not recommended for first-time cat people. Good luck with your new kitty!

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