What breed is my cat?

by Anonymous

I have had my cat Wolfgang for 15 years now. We kept him out of a litter of kittens because he looked so different from the rest of his siblings. We have always been convinced he is a Turkish Van cat, but I recently discovered that hybrid Turkish van cats are almost unheard of.

We know he is not purebred, though, because his face is different from other Turkish Van cats but has the same coat, not to mention all of his siblings looked different. The rest of his siblings were grey or spotted black and white, and I believe only one other had long hair like Wolfgang. The rest were shorthaired.

I’m assuming his mother mated with another Turkish Van cat and produced Wolfgang, but I’m curious the odds of this since Turkish Vans are apparently extremely rare.

Is it possible for him to be another breed but have the same coat as a Turkish Van? Or is he one of the first unheard of Turkish Van mixes? Thanks! Any feedback helps

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Looks like a Turkish Van!
by: Sally F.

Wolfgang looks a lot like the pics I've seen of Turkish Vans, although you can never be sure. He's beautiful, and he has a great name!

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