Uneven pupils and otitis?

by Nelson

Hello, cat lovers. :) First of all, thank you for reading my post! It's about Maria, my lovely 14-year-old cat. Second, I'm sorry for any English mistakes. It's not my first language.

Maria presented with anisocoria (uneven pupils - constricted left pupil) about two months ago. I called a vet, and he prescribed Ciprofloxacin (cream) for her eye.

The uneven pupils disappeared in 5 days.

It's been 7 days that she presented the same symptom again. Same eye. Also, I noticed drooping of the eyelid, sinking of the eyeball into the eye socket, and protrusion of the third eyelid.

I was almost calling an ophthalmologist when I also noticed her shaking her head and tilting her left ear down, as if something was bothering her. I called my vet again. He came over and found out otitis. He said the anisocoria might be due to this fact. He prescribed an antibiotic, and an anti-inflammatory.

It's been 4 days that she's been treated with these medicaments. She's not showing discomfort with her ear anymore - as if it wasn't even there! But, the uneven pupils are still there. Same size, just a little better than before.

I was wondering if anyone has been through this with their cat. Should I start thinking about a neurologist? Maybe I should wait for the completion of this treatment?

Any comments are deeply appreciated!

Thank you!

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Jun 03, 2019
A week after...
by: Nelson


Thank you for your reply! :)

It's been a week since I asked for a second opinion. But the uneven pupils are still there, after a week of treatment.

We went to the vet, and it was definitely otitis. I've been giving her Amoxicillin and Prednisolone. Also, an eye drop solution and an ointment for her ear.

It's a lot of medicine for a cat who was never medicated before. She vomits her food sometimes. She feels tired.

I'm still wondering if anyone else has been through this. This is probably Horner's Syndrome: it does not affect the cat's health, but I thought the uneven pupils wouldn't be there anymore by now...

Thank you!

May 24, 2019
Second opinion?
by: Jim W.

I've never had those issues with my cats, but I think you might want to get a second opinion from another vet while also keeping in touch with your current vet about her progress. I wish you and your kitty good health!

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